Sponsor a Segment

Would you like to sponsor a segment on an episode of The Morning Stream? Give your company, product, or service exposure to thousands of listeners a day! Just click the button below and off you go! It costs just $15.00 per segment. Do it once, or as many times as you like! We read them in the order they are received. (If you are a company trying to sponsor an entire episode, click here.)

NOTE: A few important rules

    1. We no longer take spots that ask for money for medical bills or to help supplement a person’s income.

    2. If you’re promoting a product or business or whatever, try and keep it all PG if possible. For example, if you make rare elephant tusk sex toys, we’re probably gonna pass and refund your money.

    3. Keep it SHORT! Descriptions should be short and easy to read. Sending us 5 paragraphs of text won’t make the cut.

    4. If you don’t see the spot in the paypal checkout where you tell us what you want to say, just toss an email with it instead. scott at frogpants dot com We’ll get it either way.

That’s it! Now on with the button!