My name is TMS, and I am a 4G Hot Spot

Deplaning, Tapley on Tap, what has happened ot the Metreon, all red meat is bad for you, pink slime at school is also bad for you, homeless hot spots, Bieber doll as weapon, Fitness Geek, Justing Rober Young with Weird Things, and the Lone Ranger could be good, says one of you. All that and more!


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3 thoughts on “My name is TMS, and I am a 4G Hot Spot

  1. Scott, Brian,

    You just ate expired food!!!! February 15th last month was in fact a wednesday.
    Unless that food you ate this episode expires in 2017.

  2. Guys, just a note on science reporting. There are 2 issues with the Chicago Tribune’s reporting of the red meat study I’d like to point out.

    First, consider this. If I told you that some behavior increased your risk of cancer by 100%, that doesn’t mean everyone will get it who displays this behavior. It means your chance is increased by 100%, or doubled. But that says NOTHING of the original chance. So if everyone’s chance is 1 in 10,000, then your new chance is 1 in 5,000.

    When you reported that your “chance of death” from eating meat is increased by 13%, that means if 10% of the control group died, 11.3% of the meat group died, NOT 23%. A 13% increase of an unlikely event is still unlikely.

    Second, there is no proposed cause for red meat to increase your chance of death, only a correlation. As in, people who ate red meat were more likely to die, NOT that red meat was the cause. Proving cause is very hard. Perhaps people who avoid red meat are more health conscious overall. There’s no way to know based on this study.

  3. Nobody remembers the stupid TV commercial with the little girl at an airport, selling wifi access to her wonderful 4G phone? (The one with “Neckpillow”) Where’s the outrage over that?

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