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Who’s The Boss!

It’s all the Dr. Who you could ever want in a podcast and more! With your hosts, Justin Robert Young & Ashley!

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9 Responses

  1. ryan qualls

    I love all of the frogpants network shows and am a huge whovian, so I was excited when I heard about this new addition, only one question, when is this coming on-line?

  2. Jones

    Wow, in the first episode she calls it a “reboot”.
    Clearly hasn’t got a clue. Not listening.

  3. So, started my first listen to “who’s the boss” at work this morning. Decided to boot up the last episode “angels take Manhattan” and within the first couple of minutes it’s “Effing Brits” “Effing Monster” “Effing this and Effing that” “S**tty monster”, etc. And then I quickly turned it off. I don’t expect my podcast to be 100% pure and clean, but please save the profanity for emphasis where its needed and don’t use it simply for a lack of useful vocabulary.

  4. Whofan

    I have to overall agree with the last 2 comments.
    The arguing between these two is not entertaining, its mundane and like hearing a Who fan trying to explain the show to a 15 year old who has never seen it.
    Production value of the cast surprisingly got worse as the episodes went on, it seems by the “Angels” episode that Justin and Ashley didn’t even bother to listen to the show after recording.

    I had high hopes for this show, usually the Frogpants network makes good choices. Perhaps the chemistry between hosts will improve along with production value by the time the Christmas episode comes out, or I doubt there will be any listeners.

  5. Sam Sproul

    Great show! i love the amount of swearing, as it is real and there is no threat of receiving “The Belt”

  6. Jester

    I have been listening to Scott for years now and I have come to expect a top notch quality that I appreciate and enjoy even if the content is not something I’m normally into. I know this show might be excluded from that list due to not having Scott as a host but I feel Who’s The Boss has fallen into a network (Frog Pants) that has no rights of being included in.

    Skip this one.

  7. I know justin already has a podcast called Weird Things at

    But the link inside the xml for “Who’s The Boss” podcast for the podcast’s site is (not; the”e” and “i” are swapped) and it links to a sqatter/available for sale page

    Might wanna change that link in the future. Here it is:

  8. lewis

    love frogpants love dr who, hate this podcast. the hosts seem to know little about dr who and there fake british accents just make them seem like the “ignorant american” everytime they do it (the guy most of all! infact it might be passable if he was just replaced alltogether as he adds little other than loudness and interupting every 5 words). make a frogpants standard show and im sure i would love it :$

  9. Aaron Bruchis

    I love Frogpants, and I’m a long term Doctor Who fan. But I don’t understand why this podcast is being hosted by these two people. The hosts are obviously not fans of the show, they have no interest in exploring the history of the show, so a lot of their opinions are based in ignorance of the character and the show. I want to like the podcast so much, and I keep on trying it out hoping that it will get better. But as time goes on the female host seems to like the show less and less as time goes on. Perhaps Justin would do better with another host who likes the series? Together all they seem to do is complain about the series. I dont like podcasts from folks who are blind fans, and I like people that are critical and have feedback about the episodes etc. But they should start off with a basic love of the series.

    I like them as a pair of hosts, I just think this is the wrong podcast for them. They seem to like Orange is the New Black, perhaps they should do a podcast on that series?
    Anyway, I feel bad for being critical, and if the podcast had been improving I would be very cool and patient with it, but as time goes on they seem to like the show less and less.
    Anyway, thanks for the forum to feedback, and I’m sorry if it seems harsh. I just really want a Frogpants Dr Who podcast, seems like a natural fit.

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