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The Instance

The #1 rated and award winning weekly podcast for lovers of World of Warcraft. Hosted by Scott Johnson, Turpster, and Dills, The Instance is home to the latest news, rumors, and people from the thriving WoW community.

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52 Responses

  1. Froztbitten

    This podcast is my absolute favorite…of course I’ve never seen any others….. Well, it is professionally done, and I think it is very well made, thanks Scott and Randy!

  2. Ron

    Fuah! Scott’s secret bro-mance that he’s ashamed of. :) Just thought i’d say that this podcast friggin’ rocks. I’m back to playing WoW after almost a year break and i’m just as excited about it now as I was when i recieved my first beta key back in Vanilla WoW. Of course, this is when warlocks could wear leather.

  3. Billy Gallagher

    I have been out of WoW for around a year and found this podcast. After listening to a couple episodes, I was frantic to play WoW again. Many members of my guild listen to you guys and we all want to let you know that this is one rockin’ podcast!

  4. Glove_Slap

    Your biggest fan in New Zealand! I kicked the WoW habit for the second time 2 months ago but there is no WAY I could get round to kicking the habit that is the instance keep up the good work men!

  5. Mavcjs

    been a great fan of the myriad of your shows for the last 2 years,
    Just wanted to Say Hi from Sunny Cyprus and yes we do have internet here :)

    thanks for keeping me company everyday while commuting from and to, to work !!

    keep rocking guys ,


  6. Lurxx

    After looking around for a good WoW podcast, this was one of the first I stumbled upon. The Instance is truly a wonderful podcast that is not only informative, but funny and clever. However, what really struck me is how professional Scott and Randy are. They don’t come across as whiny like a couple other WoW podcasters that I’ve found myself listening to. Cheers guys, the show is a great one, and I hope that you guys keep up the excellent work.

    Orc Warrior – Lightning’s Blade (US)

  7. [...] to the latest news, rumors, and people from the thriving WoW community.” – According to (owned by the Host, Scott [...]

  8. A very well done podcast, looking forward to episode 400

  9. Elibit

    This podcast is so good it almost makes me want to be Horde…. Almost

  10. Jerome

    Wow, just finished listening to #217, sad to hear you go Randy. Does this mean you cant play WOW either? Thanks for all the tips!

  11. Simon

    Ive been listening since i started playing just as Wrath hit.
    Nothing but your take on this game, ive actually got some others in my guild listening. So more of us Aussies are subscribing every day! Thanks to randy for his time, and welcome Turps and Dill.
    Arkaziel, alliance, from Aman’ Thul

  12. Melissa

    I started listening to the Instance about 2 years ago while playing WOW. WOW’s dropped out of my life, but the Instance hasn’t yet! It’s my favorite podcast and while I’m sad that Randy’s moved on, I’m thrilled to hear Dills and Turpster. Thanks!

  13. Jeff

    Glad to hear Randy got a dream job, ‘somewhere’ (wink). Love the new hosting situation, always good to hear the Turpster. Welcome to the instance Dills. The Instance was my gateway to other podcasts here at Frogpants, and Thank You for a excelent show, every week.

  14. Stacey

    I have a nearly one hour drive to work each way. I spend my Mondays with The Instance on my i-phone. I have always found this podcast to be both informative and entertaining but Terpster just cracks me up. I never thought I “got” British humor but he makes me laugh out loud (and not just in an LOL kind of way). Maybe I just like that delicate balance of snarky and witty but the addition of him as a permanent host just does it for me. (No offense Dills and Scott but I just don’t think you are big enough smart asses for me– which is a good thing. I wouldn’t want a podcast with 3 Terpster types! I apparently just like one goofy Brit with my morning commute.)

  15. Dan

    I’m a recent subscriber, love the show! The recent transition to new hosts had me worried, but now I’m so excited to hear their input on current news. My only issue is with the iPhone mobile app, which is how I listen on-the-go. Please, please, PLEASE (please) make the “play/pause” button LARGER!! It is located right on top of previous episodes, so when I need to pause I tend to accidentally click on an earlier episode and have to reset the current audio stream. Just an annoyance really, but it seems like a simple functional fix. Love you guys, keep it going!

  16. frogy

    i love you guys

  17. You got a very good post here i hope to have this quality for my posts, brb soon

  18. M James

    Loving the new hosting situation. I loved Randy but holy moly Turps cracks me up! And Dills really knows his stuff, it’s great. And of course we love Scott and the Frogpants network :D

  19. Iznutz

    Few years now listener… You guys are unmatched in quality and genuine fun being had and a love for what you do. keep up the leetsauce!!

  20. Eric

    Weird… Randy Johnson sounds an awful lot like Dills and Turpster these days. Time for me to get my hearing checked! ;-)

  21. Volares

    Hey guys, just listening to your podcast right now…WoW is pretty good now and SWTOR is good but just not up to standards of MMO’s that WoW has set. I think that WoW has set standards high but there are basic functionality items that are missing. BUT buddy brought me back to WoW, its been 1 yr and things have changed so much and for the good.

  22. Santiago

    maybe this should be updated to state that for the past year the hosts have been Scott, Dills, and Turpster. HA! description still shows Scott and Randy.

  23. Bghost

    Just was listening to your latest podcast. I had a suggestion related to the call suggestin to allow a tank exclusive free to play account.

    I think that the base idea is interesting, though the tank exclusive part I don’t think has merit for numerous reasons. I would suggest that the account be limited to a single character slot per realm with a maximum of 5 realms overall. Certainly a few other business restrictions would make sense as well (can’t trade gold, can’t switch realms, factions, or names, etc.).

    I would allow them to join Guilds as the use of this is to engage them in the community and the game to convert them to a subscriber account.

    Just my thoughts off the top of my head.

  24. I love the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great content.

  25. Bghost

    I hope that the farms include lakes and coasts to allow stocking of fish you use as well.

  26. Korben

    Best show ever, been listening for a long time and can’t get enough of it. All your shows are great btw ;) your n°1 not-stalking fan.

  27. Love the show, makes me LOL in real life. Turpster is the coolest person in the whole wide everything.

  28. Ostlund

    Started tuning in 4 weeks ago and now I’m hooked. I great show with plenty of insightful comments to keep me listening. I look forward to each weekly discussion. Turpster for Warchief! (even though his dps is lacking…)

  29. Uden

    One thing people need to talk about is how this expansion so caters to DPS. Healers are locked out from both Scenarios and Challenge Modes. As a Holy Priest I have been the primary healer and topped dps in instances and challenge modes. Still, DPS classes have declared both their province. order to be competitive, nop one talks primary healers into challenge modes. This is wrong. Afaic Blizz is doing so many things wrong and curbing everything to DPS that this xpac is an EPIC fail in a short line of failures. Don’t get me wrong, I love the culture and social issues they’ve established in the xpac. BU, it has been clear for years that thoughtful people play tanks and healers, and the slugs play DPS. This xpac feels like an attempt to sensitize the slugs. This is also the second xpac that has severely punished healers. Last xpac we had to teach dps to not be complete morons. This xpac we show people how their ability to not be morons pays off. If you’re not stupid, then you don’t NEED healers.

  30. Uden

    Typos and beer yay!

  31. Uden

    Ignore this drunken wall of text. But, please address that Challenge Modes are not taking healers (and that scenario PUG folks are instabooting healers).

  32. Stephen J Buttery II

    Hi Scott! Turpster! Dills!

    Firstly love the podcast!
    Just had a few questions to throw out there.

    Firstly how do I get episodes of the podcast pre episode 190?
    I started listening since 190 on itunes and have been catching up ever since. However itunes only goes back as far as episode 190.
    How do I get all the old content?

    Secondly what is this dungeon challenge mode?
    Can you expand and explain on it a little in a podcast?
    Im lost and confused about it.

    Kind regards
    Stephen J Buttery II

    thats Stephen J Buttery the 2nd (if you were confused)


    Great podcast guys! I listen to it while I play wow, and any other time I get. Thanks.

  34. Scholmer

    Haha love the show

  35. Flaque90

    I must admit, I only know about the instance because of “Race to World First.” But I checked it out and I haven’t looked back. By far my favorite podcast! My only wish is that there would be more than one episode per week. I can totally understand why that most likely can’t be done though :).

    Keep up the good work!

    Flaque, level 90 Hunter,
    Stormrage US

  36. steve quick

    So why no episode last week?

  37. andre williams

    Yeah this is my favorite podcast i came here a few years ago after died and Legendary Thread was gone forever. In my grief i found the instance and i was happy again lol. This podcast and Legendary Thread got me through many of crap days at work. I wish i had a job that would let me listen to podcasts now lol.

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  40. Sabad

    This show is getting so big that it’s getting boner pill spam.

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  46. Andrew

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  47. Coz

    Been playing for years casually. Been running LFR’s but really looking for a raiding group or guild. Love the podcast and thought you guys may be able to help. I work second shift (3pm to 11 Eastern). So I’m wondering if there’s a way to connect with players of similar times for a consistent group. Forums just seem to be a black hole. We ran a guild of 500+ at one time but drama took over and only a few remain just so we stop getting guild invites! My 506 mage wants to raid more but the pugs are getting old and I like talking to fellow raiders, getting and giving tips and making friends. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great show!!

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