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StarCast is a weekly podcast centered around the StarCraft II Universe. Each week the show covers hot topics in the community from recent eSports tournaments to StarCraft 2 News to the latest drama surrounding the community. Several times a month the show will have a guest host join in on the fun, for a formal interview and then get their opinion on recent events. Some recent guest that stopped in where; Major League Gaming’s CEO Sundance DiGiovanni, Cheif Operating Officer of Team Evil Geniuses Scott “SirScoots” Smith, CEO of compLexity Gaming Jason Lake and several other Pro Players and Community figures. StarCast airs weekly on Thursday nights at 8:00pm Eastern on The hosts of StarCast are Garrett “Saint” Weinzierl and Kyle “Tarrasque” Fergusson.

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5 Responses



  2. Hopefully they’ll cover the gaming league and maybe even mention Team Khaos and some of the teams from the Pacific NW here.

  3. Clark

    Excellent! SC2 ftw all day.

  4. This is one of my favorite shows. Excellent content, consistent as the sun rising, quality interviews with both popular and unknown guests – Starcast is the best SC2 show that no one seems to know about.

  5. Jester

    Hit the nail on the head, nice grab scott nice grab!!!

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