About Us

Welcome to Comic Dorks! Who the hell are we?

Founder of the Frogpants Studios of podcasts and digital content, and a creator of webcomics and illustrations, including the long running ExtraLife comic. (Get the full Frogpants dinner plate here.) He LOVES comics.


Founder and creator of PvP, one of the longest running, and most revered comics today. He does lots of other jazz too, including stage shows, convention appearances & talks, among other illustrious things. so go check out PvP for the full knowledge you seek. He also LOVES comics.


Founder and site runner for Major Spoilers, a site dedicated to comic books in ways that are almost embarrassing. He’s also the host of The Major Spoilers podcast, Critical Hit, and Munchkinland. All his critical deets can be found here. It’s safe to say, he loves comics.


Founder and host of all things Wood Whisperer, a site and collection of content that would make any professional woodworker jealous. He also happens to be a comic book hound. Comics are printed on paper. Paper comes from wood. I rest my freaking case! Get all the woody goodness here. And he loves comics so much he should marry ’em.