04 – Why the last man again?


Y the last man got a director, Comics Buyer’s Guide is no more, Marvel has some lego fun for you planned, buying D’Jango Unchained action figures are problematic, we predict this years comic book movies and their success, what we’re reading, and MORE!

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4 thoughts on “04 – Why the last man again?

  1. Great Show guys! As someone who read every single issue of Y! The Last Man, I have to say, I’m skipping any movie. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to skip my reasoning, though. Never before have I loved the first 95% of a book so much yet had the last 5% ruin it so completely that I actually hated the book. Of course, I hate depressing endings, so that’s just me. Apparently a lot of people like that stuff. Also, the choice to keep her name a secret seemed random and just annoyed me on top of the big depressing frustration I won’t name her but is obvious to anyone to read it. I thought I loved the book until that point, but I will never read it again. That one page destroyed it for me and I will be avoiding the movie because I’m sure they will keep something so central to the ending in the movie.

  2. Sorry to crush Scott’s dreams, but US 1 is actually still around. He goes by the name of U.S. Archer these days and he is a background character that makes random apperances from time to time. He last time he appeared was in 2011 in Annihilators.

  3. I liked the last Superman movie, I am going to miss the Comics Buyers Guide, it put me on to Efl Quest (not on iPad).

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