Comic Dorks 03: The Cost of Doing Business

Welcome to episode 3! Join us while we hash out the REAL costs of making independent comics, with a surprise guest in the form of Jim Zub, talking about his recent viral post on the subject. Plus, some talk about Disney and Starwars comics, the rumors regarding the new X-men movie cast, Adobe and what they have planned for your PS consumption, books we are reading, and a look at the dumb super animals that DC go all into during the late 50’s and early 60’s. ENJOY!

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12 thoughts on “Comic Dorks 03: The Cost of Doing Business

  1. Disney buying the rigths to the Star Wars movies is the worst thing that ever hapaned in film, why? In the 90’s the Canadain govenment hired Disney to look after the image of the Canadain Mountie, it was a royal fuck up. Instead of going after Chinses imports they went after any one who painted a painted a picher, they were after foke artists!
    Give my regards to ole man Jonson:D

  2. Disney buying the Star Wars movies is the worst thing that ever could have happaned. In the 90’s the Canadain goverment gave Disney the rigths to the Canadain Mounties, it was a royal fuck up. Instead of going after ilegal Cinsese imports they went after foke artists and painters!

  3. Love the podcast, just listened to every episode. But seriously, Scott Kurtz’s microphone. FIX IT. In the first two episodes, he’s cutting out constantly, in this episode it sounds like somebody’s tapping it the entire time.

  4. +1 on the microphone. Don’t know who it is but it sounded like someone was tapping their desk, eating potato chips or hitting the mic constantly.

    Thanks a million for the tip on The Sixth Gun from episode 1. Fantastic story. Tried the first issue and was hooked right away.

  5. OMG. I just found your podcast today. Suffice to say my world is a better place. I’m just getting back into comics after stepping away for a few, okay 5 years, and its great to find out what’s going on and even recommendations for reads. There are no comic shops left outside of a 2 hour drive so it was great to find your podcast. Thanks!

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