15: Archie’s Afterlife


Wonder Woman will live on as Gal Gagot, and we are not that worried about her, but we are worried about too many heroes in the kitchen, DC to do the low budget movie thing for a test, Marvel and Netflix love each other, Archie does good with giving a lot of money to charity, Marvel cancels A+X, lots o little stuff, Scott K gives you tv worth watching, Scott J recommends old stuff sometimes, Marc loves him some Superior reading, and Stephen can’t say enough about Archie’s Afterlife, your emails and more!

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5 thoughts on “15: Archie’s Afterlife

  1. DC definitely needs to slow down and stop trying to play catch-up to Marvel. Not developing the characters is what makes their non Batman/Superman films sub-par.(Green Lantern)

    On the other hand Marvel should follow DC’s lead on animated films. Almost all of DC’s animated adaptations are great. Maybe its not profitable enough, (which is why they haven’t used Wonder Woman more, her DVD bombed) but I wish both companies would do more PG-13 animation. I would especially love an animated Batman show in a prime-time slot.(call it CSI: Gotham and people would watch it en masse)

  2. Gal Gadot being cast for WW is fine, holding judgement for the movie itself. Mamoa would make a great Steppenwolf.

    Can’t wait for the Godzilla movie.

    My old stuff love goes to Marvel from ’77 through about ’86. I’ve even gone so far as to organize them by cover date, I’m hunting down the missing issues and plan to read them all in that order. I’ve gotten through five or six longboxes so far.

  3. Great episode fellers, I’m checking out Afterlife with Archie as soon as I’m done typing this. I’m gonna re-read Marvel Zombies too while I’m at it.

  4. I didn’t like the KICK ASS 2 comic or the movie for the same reasons, I wiki spoiled it. Glad that I did.

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