Comic Dorks up their frequency!

You might have seen us tweet this earlier today, but we’ve got some good news for listeners who’d like a more frequent dose of Comic Dorks. Starting on the 21st of this month, Comic Dorks will begin doubling their schedule and airing new episodes every two weeks. More is good, right? :)

See you on the 21st!

The Comic Dorks podcast is a thing!

We’ll just let the press release speak for itself! :)


September 16, 2012, Salt Lake City – Frogpants, LLC is proud to announce that Comic Dorks, starring Scott Johnson, Stephen Schleicher, Scott Kurtz, & Marc Spagnuolo, is about to launch on the Frogpants Podcast Network!

“We’re all comic book lovers”, says Johnson, “with a lot to say about the current state of the comics world and where things might end up one day. Seems like the perfect combination of people and platform for a new monthly show to me.”

“I’m ready to read some comics, talk about said comics, and then make a joke or two about Mr. Johnson. So I think I’m pretty much good to go!”, said Spagnuolo of the new venture.

“I can’t wait…plus, there’s always time to be angry about comic books. Let’s do this.”, says Kurtz. “I’m pumped. Should be a lot of fun!”

“Wait… we get to make fun of Scott Johnson!? Now I’m super pumped!”, remarked Schleicher. “Now if we get to work the words “wood” “Johnson” and “Scott Kurtz” into a single sentence, the Intardwebz ear holes will be spinning!”

On each monthly episode of Comic Dorks, the boys will talk about the books they’re reading, industry news, and the state of comics in general.

“There’s so much to talk about in regard to print vs digital, what the big publishers are doing to try and keep our devotion.”, said Johnson. “Comic Dorks aims to be the kind of show and conversation that will invite lots of interaction with listeners and fans.”

Comic Dorks, episode one, will launch on October 1st 2012, and be available via iTunes,, and wherever you stream or download your favorite shows.

“Right now we are planning on a monthly release schedule, kind of like the comics you read, but if things really take off, who knows what will happen.” said Johnson. “We can’t wait to get cranking and put this thing out for comic fans to hear!”

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