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This calendar is live, so you will see any changes immediately. This will be a great way of keeping track of the Frogpants shows and their air dates. If you would like a larger version of this, click here.

25 Responses

  1. Yay! This is a great idea!

  2. DustBonnie


  3. Corhen

    i loaded it onto my google calander, and it automaticly changed the time zone!

  4. Xager

    Frogpants + Google + iCal = never missing a show!
    LOVE IT!

  5. Very nice. Been wondering if there was a set time for the shows. Wont miss them now.

  6. This is an awesome idea! I’m going to do this for my podcast! Sweet!

  7. the rang

    awesome, dude u inspire me!

  8. Tridecanol

    I agree with all of the previous comments, BUT would it be possible to add a function, where the visitor can choose the Timezone he lives in?
    I’m a huge fan of most all of the shows on the FrogPants Network, but it’s an enormous pain in the bu** to allways search out the difference between Mountain Time and Middle European Time…
    I would really like to listen to you guys (and laidies) live, but because I’m just too damn lazy to convert the Timezones, so I mostly miss the broadcasts…

  9. Lspec14

    woohoo, the instance will air at 10 am PST tommorow!, i can listen tommorow afternoon when it airs in scotland at like 5 pm! :D

  10. josh

    thanks but i missed the first time i could watch do to not noticing mountain time.

  11. Blicky

    Busy scheduling though!

  12. blackone

    Awesome, I can finally stop calculating time zone differences in my head!

  13. Brandon aka big midge

    OMG I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! i listen to your podcasts on my way to school and back. Pretty much anytime im in a moving vehicle. When i go to sleep when i wake up…..KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

  14. Gigo

    While this is a great idea, it’s pretty pointless if you don’t update it when show times change.

    TFS at 5:30 Fridays? When was the last time THAT happened?

  15. MrsStepford

    Is there a schedule for Hypotheical Help? Or do you guys just do it when you feel like it???

  16. slayer8182

    Why should Scott allow for change of time zones when mountain time is the only time zone that matters? I love you guys thinks a ton.

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  18. annie

    I’m wallowing in utter despair and misery as I don’t see Hypothetical Help on the calendar. I fear I will soon be one of the callers with a plea for help as I’ve fallen in love with an adorable, charming, intelligent, oh so young, British fella and now no one else will ever measure up to him.

  19. Matt

    Gah, I wish Hypothetical Help was as consistent as everything else. D: All in due time, I guess. Just sounded like Scott was hell bent on getting another HH episode out the following week of the season five opener. Hope to hear something soon! Still love it, just whining right now. ;P

  20. Hypothetical Help

    More HH !!!!!!!!

  21. Schedule – just great!

  22. Schedule – just great!

  23. William Nelson

    Love what you do Scott.

  24. jamesnugit

    what time zone is this cal in?

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