S2E09 – CHiPs


Join Scott and Tom and guest as they break down this week’s pilot: CHiPs!

CHiPs is an American television drama series produced by MGM Studios (now owned by Turner Entertainment) that originally aired on NBC from September 15, 1977, to July 17, 1983. CHiPs followed the lives of two motorcycle police officers of the California Highway Patrol. The series ran for 139 episodes over six seasons.


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4 thoughts on “S2E09 – CHiPs

  1. Hey Guys,

    Yay! Firefly is next. I guess we that’s the episode “Serenity”. The episode “Out of Gas” is the original pilot, but it wasn’t approved by the brass at Fox for the first episode. Perhaps you should watch that one too, and provide any insights on that.

      • Sorry for the double (although slightly different) post my browser was acting up. It said I had already posted something when I actually hadn’t. Sorry again :)

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