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New show launch: “CORE”

Hi all! Got some great news, especially if you are as into Heroes of the Storm as we are. We’re launching a brand new Heroes-focused show called CORE, starring hosts Scott Johnson, John Jagger & Beau Schwartz.

You can subscribe now (for free of course) in your favorite podcast app at Up on iTunes as well. Here’s the direct link to the RSS file if you’d rather copy and paste into an app on your phone or device.

All the great news and commentary you expect, plus a few surprises. That’s what awaits you. So get it now!

3 Responses

  1. Rich

    Where can I download the theme music? Holy crap it’s awesome!

  2. Rollo

    Great Show! Just started listening and am going to listen to previous podcasts.

  3. Jeff

    Your Metzen interview was incredibly helpful for so many friends. I can’t thank both of you enough. So glad you devoted the time and focus on his journey with anxiety.

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