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Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson launching a new show!


UPDATE: We are going to relaunch with the name Current Geek, but it won’t be the same show. Oh don’t worry…lots of you will get what you used to love in that old 2010 show, but way more than that. But we like that name a lot, and we wanna make it special! Also, you can help support the show too! Details here.

Yep! You heard it right. Tom and Scott are finally launching a show together! One that brings together all their strengths and passions into one big bag of podcasting awesomeness.

Ok, maybe that’s overselling it a little. Wait, no it’s not! It’s gonna be totally awesome in every way!

There are LOTS of details to work through before we launch in January, but here’s what we know now:

    The show is currently planned as weekly.

    The structure and content of the show is still being hammered out, but expect lots of what we do best. (Tech, pop culture, etc. in the mix.) (Vague? Yes. We’ll keep you informed.)

    Tom and Scott will host it. (duh)

    Every week we will have LOTS of fellow Frogpants personalities and other prominent friends and guests join us. So will you with live calls, and live participation.

    The show will be recorded live via both video and audio streams, AND distributed via MP3 via the normal podcasting methods.

There are MANY other things to share, but we will let some of this sink in first. We’re excited to build this into one of the pillars of Frogpants, and even more excited to have you involved.

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Is THIS going to be the replacement for Tom’s daily tech news prowess? Trust us…he’s got more to tell you guys and soon!

But this much we can say: This new show on the Frogpants network is a BIG part of his new era, and a continued Frogpants effort to make great things. It’s just the beginning. (That sounded cheesy, but you gotta trust us on that.)

More as we get closer! Promise!

112 Responses

  1. Matt

    When Tom left Cnet I pretty much stopped listening to their shows. Now that he’s leaving Twit, I’ll probably wind up doing the same. As much as I love Frogpants and am excited Tom is collaborating with Scott more, I really feal Tom is destined for even greater things to come.

  2. kayleen jackson

    I used to love TWIT TV, Leo let that witch Lisa gut the network and I will not watch anymore.

  3. lwr32

    Newbie here looking for an alternative network to TWiT. I’m not finding a list of shows by what time of taping. Also, not seeing if the live stream is video or not.

  4. john

    Good to hear that Tom is already opening for business! Happy new year and cant wait for the new show.

    Cheers from Malaysia


  5. Really looking forward to the show guys! Great to see Tom having very little down time after being let go by Leo. Frame Rate was always one of my favourite shows on Twit…so I’ll be following Cordkillers too!

  6. Rob Bushman

    I had been a TNT watcher since the 5th or 6th episode. It will not be the same without Tom. Not sure I’ll be able to keep watching.

  7. I’m actually not a huge fan of what Tom does. He’s not the only one and I’m not singling him out. Most ‘tech journalists’ don’t really cover technology. They cover products, gadgets and business. As a developer and systems engineer I get frustrated by the lack of actual technology coverage and as a pedant I’m annoyed by the level of discourse and sub par standards that have swept journalism in general and technology-related coverage in particular (don’t get me started on the terrible grammar).

    With all of that said, what Tom built was accessible to a broad audience, entertaining, and something that I could point others to for reference or research with relatively few qualms. It was a great product even if it wasn’t a product for the likes of me. I think he was the second best thing that TWiT had going for it. IMHO the “business decision” was a foolish one and what (little) we know of how it was handled sounds worse. This aside from the fact that there is no record on of Tom’s last show which coincidentally happened to be Iyaz’s last show as well. That’s insulting to say the least…

    I’ve tried for years to overlook Leo’s obnoxious behavior like constantly talking over his guests, mis-stating/representing the facts, and generally being an apparently clueless “Tech Guy”. This, because I respect so many of the people who seem to hold him in some esteem: Randal L Schwartz, Steve Gibson, John C Dvorak, Andy Ihnatko, Jeri Elsworth, and many others. I can’t for the life of me figure out why no one of comparable renown has called him on his BS.

    The move with Tom, for me, was the last straw. I’m boycotting Twit despite being an avid listener of Triangulation, Security Now, FLOSS Weekly, TWiL, TWiG, TWiT, MBW, and formerly Science Hour and Net @ Night. I know of at least 60 or so others who are actively unsubscribing from or otherwise avoiding TWiT properties. It’s small to be sure but I’d encourage you all to follow your conscience with regard to the media you support. Simply by streaming, subscribing, downloading, you contribute to their ability to attract advertisers. For me, that time has some to an end.

  8. Brad Blackmere

    I have to echo and completely agree with Cliff’s sentiments.

    I have recommended Twit podcasts in the past to friends, but the past few years of repeated guttings have done it for me with Leo. I have lost patience for not knowing if my favorite podcasts will stay afloat. Honestly, at this point I won’t even miss the remaining podcasts, with the possible exception of TWIG, I can find replacements to listen to.

    I am so thankful that its brief time on Twit did not sink the “This Week In Science” podcast… it almost did and that would have been a huge loss to my weekly sciency enjoyment. I am not sure what Leo is doing over there but whatever it is, it’s toxic, and i can’t support it via adding ad revenue anymore.

    I would encourage other people to also vote with their feet.

    On the plus side Current Geek is one of my all time favorite Tom Merrit podcasts…. and I am super stoked to hear it coming back. Tom Merrit and Scott Johnson have some of the best podcasting chemistry out there!!! You go guys!

  9. Derrick

    Tom, I was shocked to find you were no longer on TWiT/TNT! I tried to listen to the show, however the new guy is very dry and doesn’t bring the excitement you, Iyaz, Sarah, and Jason did. I am excited to see what the future brings. Good luck.

  10. morb

    Great news, can you guy’s throw in a segment about insane future predictions, you used to have a show in twit about it, and although it might not have been advertising gold was a fun show and could prove to be a fun segment. Just a thought, keep up the great work Tom.

  11. Perry chamberlain

    Every time networks or shows change hosts, everyone jumps up, stomps around, vowing to boycott the show.
    No one except tom, and Leo, know the exact reasons why the change occurred, and neither one is saying.
    My suggestion, is everyone stop whining like children, and wish both side the best, and support tom and leo in their future ventures.
    Look at both resumes, job changes are inevitable, and thats just the way it is.
    The new business model demands it, there is no longer life time employment, with any company.
    That model is dead and gone.
    What I like is that the changes bring exciting new offers, ideas, and productions.
    So, out with the old, in with the new, this is what creativity is all about.
    Fasten yer seat belts, and enjoy the ride.
    All involved are consummate pros, with boat loads of opportunities.
    What comes from this, is fresh, new ideas.
    I’m ready…..

  12. Barry Yamaji

    Can’t wait! Like the other post, I stopped listening to CNET when Tom left, and now have done so with Twit. Tom was the only one at Twit who showed professional broadcasting talent. His shows always stayed on topic and moved along in a timely manner. Yes, Leo is also talented. But when his shows begin consuming two hours of time while only yielding 20 minutes of news, it becomes a big waste of time. I want to be informed about technology news and trends, not what Leo or his dog had for breakfast. I thank Leo for being a pioneer in podcasting and for providing years of informative news. But like CNET under CBS ownership, Twit under Lisa’s leadership, has become the RIM of podcasting. It was great years ago, but has past its prime by not meeting the needs of its consumers. That’s why this podcast listener is moving on.

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