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Another Diary up: 191 – What’s in a name?

Chatting it up about names of things, vacations, staying stressed, and branding…and why Break is dumb now. Give the latest episode a listen!

4 Responses

  1. Pax

    Let me start by saying you rule – but you need an easy, lazy link for your poor fans that will never contribute a dime. Hey, we’re still numbers, right? I’m totally thinking I need to get you on conan obrien. But no cash to spare. You and randy got me through homelessness, and I’ll fix your tech for free. But it’s been less than a month since I overdrew my checking for a cheesesteak. So, yeah, no donation. You still rule tho.

    At least you have this.

  2. I am a new listener to the Diary podcast. I knew that you were a cartoonist when I started listening, but was unaware of the cartooning format of the original episodes. I take the show as a “Diary or a CartoonIST”, and not a “Diary of CartoonING”. So, the name is fine as it is. Don’t you go a’changin’!



  3. Sandy B


    I’ll follow you anywhere and you don’t even have to blow in my ear.

  4. Sandy B

    I also suspect Lisa had something to do with this..

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