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The Frogpants SPOILER Cast


Every once in a while, a big movie or TV show comes out that NEEDS talking about, but there are no good shows where we can talk without dropping too many spoilers!

So now we have the occasional Spoiler Cast, right there in the Frogpants Megafeed. First up? We nail down Man of Steel, with Scott Johnson and Justin Robert Young.

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13 Responses

  1. Ron

    I think Man of Steel 2’s main story will probably be the reflection that you wanted from Man of Steel.

  2. Ross

    Would love it if this could have its own feed.


  3. Law

    Look, Scott, I am tired of you claiming that Superman has killed before. There are several reasons why this is wrong.
    First off The villains in Superman 2 weren’t killed. The fact is we don’t know what happened to them beyond being turned into normal people. Do you really think Superman slew three normal humans? More likely they fell into special cells that he prepared for them. He planned the entire thing to depower them, so why not? Best reason for this thinking is that he showed he valued all life from Superman 1 all the way through to this point in the second movie.
    In the comic, the post crisis Superman did meet these villains and he did decide to execute them after they swore to find Superman’s home and destroy it, much like they had already done to the current Earth they were on. After much thought, Superman acted as judge, jury and executioner. However, months later, Superman suffer a subconscious break and began masquerading as another hero, Crimebuster (I think). This whole episode reinforced that Superman should not kill unless absolutely necessary.
    My third and final point is that it was so completely unnecessary for Superman to kill Zod in that final scene. This Superman really had no qualms about all the other folks that died in Metropolis and Smallville. He also could have easily covered Zod’s eyes with his hand. You know, the invulnerable “hand of steel.” It just made no sense and felt very forced. (what happened to his super breath?) The scream afterward felt hollow. It just didn’t work for me at all.
    Overall, I did like the movie, like I liked Star Trek, as sci-fi pictures, not as Superman or Star Trek movies.

  4. Jason

    I noticed a funny trend with these superman movies. In the first Christopher Reeve Superman, Lex wanted to bomb a part of america, and buy it for cheap to call his own. In Superman Returns, Lex gets a crystal from the Fortress of Solitude to grow his own land. In Man of Steel, Zod wants to terraform the earth… He wanted land.

  5. Scott

    Law: With that logic, I could argue that a good neck wrenching only knocks another Kryptonian out for a couple hours, so he might still be alive! 😉

  6. Frankie D.

    He couldn’t move Zods head away from lazering the humans but he could move it enough to stap his neck? How about flying the both of them upwards? Or choking him out?

  7. Frankie D.


  8. Matt

    Have you considered expanding spoiler cast episodes to video games. I would be great to have an area to talk openly about games like Bioshock. I have just finished The Last of Us and that game blew me away. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one and other games.

  9. Law

    Thanks for backing me Frankie D. There were alot of ways this could be handled, it just seemed like Goyer wanted to have an “edgy” Superman at the end of the movie. Bad (or lazy) writing if you ask me.

  10. Trung

    It wasn’t that bad. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and see what comes next. This was the first time he fought a super villain. Do you really think he realizes what destruction is occurring? Was this film on the heels of Injustice? Didn’t Superman freaking pull the heat out of The Joker’s chest?

  11. Johngo

    “Man of Steel” sets Lex Luthor up as the natural antagonist in the next installment. He will be the one to say, “Hey, look, we can’t have this Kryptonian running around loose in Metropolis; look at the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve already died by his hand, directly and indirectly. This alien is uncontrolled, uncontrollable, and has to go.” Excellent motivation, and I’m sure in that world he won’t be the only one feeling that way.

  12. Megiddo

    I loved the movie and felt that it stripped away a lot of the crap that stopped Superman from being super. The romance to bring in non superhero fans (I didn’t say ladies, I said non superhero fans), the endless ways to strip a hero of his abilities so he can find his humanity before he finds his heroism (trope alert). Kryptonite!! And worst of all a relatively minor threat that is exagerated to bring us all down to earth.

    I also feel like this film may have taken some of the coolness from the DC Online cinematic where Superman is seen as a total badass (yay at last Superman is super again. Must be blue Kryptonite, or Blueys. If an erection lasts more than four…nevermind!)

    What sets the tone for the films such as Batman and Man of Steel though? Is it the hero or the villain? Does Man of Steel bask in the shadows so much because Superman needs to bring us back into the light and do we feel a greater redemption because of the darkness he dispelled?

    I also trust in Superman. If he battled Zod within Metropolis I figure it would have been a lot worse trying to guide him out of it. Zod didn’t come across as a pantomime villain easily tricked with shiny baubles, he would have figured that out immediatley and made it many times worse.

    Love the show though,


  13. Janos

    I just discovered this podcast. Listening to the Breaking Bad one right now. Justin’s skype (or whatever it is) breaking up continuously is annoying to no end. I hope the rest of the episodes are not like this. Other than that I’m enjoying the hell out of it, but that’s a given with Frogpants podcasts.

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