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Critical Hit joins the network! Roll a perfect 20!

Great news for all you D&D fans out there, and maybe even a few of you who are D&D curious! The Critical Hit Podcast (iTunes) joins the network today! Join Stephen, Rodrigo and friends as they take you through the dark dungeons of the D&D universe with flair! (RSSSiteiTunes)

Check out the full press release here!

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT and HAYS, KS, APRIL 19, 2010 – Frogpants Studios,, is happy to announced Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast, has joined the company’s growing network of shows.

Here’s how Major Spoilers describes the podcast: Listen, learn, and laugh along with the members of the Critical Hit Podcast. This real-play adventure finds four adventurers seeking fortune and glory in the world of the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

“Critical Hit is the first show to spin out of the Major Spoilers Podcast,” said Stephen Schleicher, Executive Producer of Major Spoilers (, and producer of the Critical Hit Podcast. “Rodrigo Lopez had been talking about the new edition of the game on the show, and it got me curious as to how actually play the game. This lead to a week long series of shows where the Major Spoilers Crew had their first D&D encounter together, and the feedback was so positive, we had to make it a regular weekly series!”

“I’m really excited to have Critical Hit join the Frogpants network of shows. All the shows in the network are really great, and target different interests. The gang at Major Spoilers do an excellent job with Critical Hit, and I know listeners are going to enjoy this experience,” said Scott Johnson, artist, digital media creator, and founder of Frogpants Studios.

“I’ve know Scott for a long time, and know that he only wants the best in his network,” said Schleicher, “With the positive feedback we’ve received from listeners over the last year, those who are curious about how to play Dungeons and Dragons, or those who are already playing the game, will get a kick out of this show.”

Rodrigo Lopez, Game Master for Critical Hit, has created a unique game situation that combines the best of Fourth Edition, with his own brand of danger for the players. “In a nutshell, Critical Hit follows four adventurers as they try and stop The Void from crashing the Moon into the Earth. The team is made up of gamers who are completely new to Dungeons and Dragons (Stephen), those who have been playing since Third Edition (Bryan and Rob), and even one really old guy who’s been playing since the AD&D days (Matthew). This makes for interesting game dynamics, as I try every week to get a total party kill. That’s what Game Masters are supposed to do, right?”

New shows are released weekly, with a few surprise episodes coming up in the near future. Listeners can find the ENTIRE Frogpans Ultra RSS feed here (, and on iTunes (

This is FrogPants Studios, founded by artist and podcaster, Scott Johnson.

Founded in 2006, Major Spoilers ( is dedicated to bringing news, reviews, and interviews about the comic book and pop culture industry to fans around the world. In 2008, the website launched the Major Spoilers Podcast, and in 2009, Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Since its launch, the site has attracted millions of readers from around the world.

17 Responses

  1. Cory

    Right on! Critical Hit is one of my favorite podcasts, it played a big part in getting me back into playing again. Congrats to everyone involved.

  2. Jhas

    Why is this so big? Infact, what’s the point? I’m confused – why is Scott trying to own the internet with things he has nothing to do with?

  3. Tandor

    Great news! I found Critical Hit after a plug from Stephen on Fourcast, so it’s good that more D&D curious people can find this show

  4. Scott

    Jhas: Drop me an email and I’ll explain it. And you can take some time and explain why you’re confused about it. myextralife at gmail dot com.

  5. Corey

    Congratz. I’ve been listening to many of Scott’s other podcasts for years, and I’m and avid D&D player. It will be nice to have all of these podcasts centrally located, and easy to find.

    Keep up the great work!


  6. Xero

    This is great news! I love everything on the FrogPants network and I love the Critical Hit podcast as well! Two great things taste great together!

  7. Corhen

    Great News…

    Been listening to ELR, the instance and other Frogpants shoes for years, started on Critical Hit about 3 months ago, now, they are both from the same source

    Scott, Keep up the great work

  8. joshaberry

    I absolutely love this podcast. Makes me want to pick up the dice again!

  9. BobertMk2

    The iTunes link does not seem to be working at this time. FYI

  10. Typo in the copy above.

    Last paragraph above Header “About Frogpants Sudios”
    ENTIRE “Frogpans” Ultra RSS

    Love all the podcasts on Frogpants so far. Good work Scott!

  11. Orror

    All I have to say is: YOU KILLED MY GOLDFIIISSSSHH!

  12. I love critical hit! Scott- will the majorspoilers podcast be joining as well?

  13. Orror

    Scott, keep this up and Google will join the Frogpants network. The collaboration will then end the world.

  14. Rob

    ~Major Spoilers Theme Song~

    Oh wait, that’s the other one. 😉

  15. Damn, I wish I could think of seomthing smart like that!

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