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Coverville joins the Frogpants Network!

This is a very exciting announcement for the network, and I am extremely pleased to talk about the addition of Coverville, one of the first and still greatest podcasts of all time, to the Frogpants network of shows. Brian Ibbott has been knocking it out of the park for nearly 700 episodes, and having such a great music-based podcast on the network is beyond awesome. Starting with the very next episode of Coverville, it will be featured in the Frogpants Stream, as well as be included in the Ultra Podcast feed.

HUGE welcome to Brian and Coverville…make yourselves at home. 🙂

7 Responses

  1. Guy

    That’s awesome news. I’ve been a big fan of Brian and his eclectic music for a long time, so it’s great to see him come into the ‘pants fold.

  2. Rick Paul

    Great news. You are becoming a media mogul Scott, and you are doing so with some great content. Coverville is exceptionally entertaining!

  3. LabratMax

    Congrats! A nice little kingdom getting set up there. Now I can get almost all my audio stuff by getting into one frog’s pants. Great news!

  4. Callum


    Congratulations Scott and Brian!\


  5. My Frogpants Ultra Feed is slowly taking over my podcast space on my iPod. I have completely forsaken TWiT for FrogPants, and love it!

  6. Glenn E

    It’s amazing! Probably the first podcast I made time in my week for (since show #9) and most of my more recent favorites and my two favorite podcasters all in one place. Add a little more Tom Merrit and some Molly Wood, I could almost skip CNET. Steal This Week in Google and TWiT from Leo and all of my favorites would be at the party. Rock On Geeky Dudes!

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